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Whether you buy a car or a home, if you are the neglected passenger of a flight late by more than 3 hours, if you conclude an insurance policy or a mortgage agreement, you have rights and concrete and surprisingly effective action means. You just need to be aware of them and exercise them. Do it with us!

Compensations for late or cancelled flightsDamages for car manufacturersDamages for real estate developersUnfair lending and insurance practices

Compensations for late or cancelled flights Damages for car manufacturers
Damages for real estate developers Unfair lending and insurance practices


RCA in rate. Protectia consumatorului de asigurari
Protectia consumatorului de asigurari poate ucide libertatea contractuala? Plata primei de asigurare RCA in rate este un exemplu despre ce se intampla cand lucrurile se fac in graba si protectia
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Drepturile pasagerilor zborurilor aeriene in caz de intarziere. O provocare dubla
  In Europa, in ce priveste transportul aerian, Parlamentul European a adoptat Regulamentul nr.261/2004, stabilind norme comune europene in materie de compensare si de asistenta a pasagerilor in eventualitatea refuzului
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Cartierul ANL Henri Coanda – obligatiile unui dezvoltator oarecare
Cartierul Henri Coanda este un ansamblu de locuinte construit de ANL, o investitie demarata in 2004, cu mai bine de 13 ani in urma. Ansamblul de locuinte se construieste pe
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Practici incorecte ale bancilor finantatoare de ansambluri rezidentiale
Practicile incorecte si inselatoare ale dezvoltatorilor imobiliari si ale bancilor lor finantatoare, in perioada de boom imobiliar anterioara anului 2008, care au lasat mii de cumparatori fara case si fara
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