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We will always recommend you the most appropriate collection procedure for your debts against debtors throughout the country. We will make sure that you have minimum, predictable costs, both with fees and with taxes, in order to obtain an enforceable title and then to implement it. Everything begins with an amicable proceeding of conciliation and it continues with sending the debtor up for trial and with his forced execution, for which we benefit from the collaboration with litigation attorneys and experienced executors from all over the country.

We will be transparent so that you can confidently outsource the debt collection activity, permanently controlling the stage of  trials and of forced executions through our application!


Find out here, based on the evidence you have against your debtor, the procedure to follow and its costs.


Falimentul ASTRA. Faza pe brokeri
Conform primului raport de activitate al KPMG Restructuring SPRL, in calitate de lichidator provizoriu al Asigurare-Reasigurare Astra SA – in insolventa, in perioada 31.08.2015 – 02.12.2015, foarte multi brokeri de
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