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Yes, GDPR sounds interesting! Whether you are concerned with the need for security, a GDPR protected person, you will say that it has always been like this when it came for intimacy…If however you are a processor, a professional that manages such data, you will just turn up your nose…

In any case, find out below what you have to do!


Processor Person concerned




For professionals that process personal data the situation is not that bad.

Firstly, it will take time until the protected read the GDPR and start interacting with you, the processors.

Secondly, read the GDPR yourself with the eyes of a protected person. You will see that personal data mean any information about a person. Such a broad legislation cannot be that tough, rigid, but it also has to come with solutions.

Find them out from us!


Download here the assessment guidelines of the need to appoint a data protection officer.




                Person concerned

The GDPR’s primary role is to make us, the person it wants to protect, to gather  the multiple layers of our personality around us, maybe to remove a few of them, to become a more uniform personality, to be ourselves, finally, in all the environments in which we live, be they real or virtual.

GDPR does not teach us about loneliness and isolation, but about the active shaping of our real personality in this complex world in which, travelling with a smartphone to the end of the kitchen’s balcony or to New York, we leave important and illustrative tracks about us, whoever we are.


                Download here the list with your rights in the relationship with data processors!


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