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We wish to contribute to the natural change of the medical system, which now happens from the inside, emerging even from the medical act professionals.
Medical training requires time and commitment from the doctor and he does not have the resources and energy anymore to know the health legislation, that he must comply with.
Today, medical legislation requires concrete obligations for the doctor, such as that to fully inform the patient regarding the medical act in itself and the legal status of the medical unit which provides medical assistance or those of organizing the doctor’s work in terms of proceedings to be followed. The breach of the legal provisions itself can lead to a malpractice as a result of the patient not accepting and understanding, for example, a diagnosis or a treatment.
From the experience of medical malpractice cases in which we are involved we understood that the doctor must be supported, therefore the preventive legal consultancy which we provide to doctors does not only have the role of eliminating the professional, patrimonial or criminal risk, but also of improving the medical act in the interests of both the doctor and the patient.


Informatia medicala completa. Cum sa o facem posibila?
Medicii, in mod special, dar si personalul sanitar au obligatia de a acorda pacientilor informatia medicala completa. Un enunt sec si simplu devine o conditie esentiala de conduita medicala impusa,
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