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Insurance brokerage

Our aim is to use the entire expertise we have acquired so far working with insurance brokers and to become a safe and serious, permanently updated source of legal information and solutions for our clients insurance brokers.

We absorbed the knowledge about European regulations which are to come into effect in Romania in 2018, the insurance distribution, with its essential components related to consumer protection and the protection of personal data and we are ready to develop the internal framework of their understanding by brokers.

The implementation of the European directive regarding insurance brokering will necessitate a fair, loyal competition between insurers and brokers, impartially treated as insurance distributors.

The consumer protection rules will strenghten the connection which is the essence of their activity, the insured’s mandate, which has been too much neglected. The brokers are the managers of this hidden power, owned by their clients, never practiced, but newly challenged.
The brokers will receive from the IDD Directive the tools required to manage this power, being forced to become professionals in a new spirit, of distribution with consultancy and of avoiding inappropiate sales.

We are equally interested in the electronic trade of insurance and the opportunities of the phenomenon of insurance industry digitisation for brokers.

We are therefore aware of the challenges which will be posed to insurance brokers in the near future and we are in a position to stand beside them for the whole duration of major and necessary changes of their business model in isurance brokerage.

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